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Delivering Quality Legal Services since 1986

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Divorce and Family Law

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Whether you are splitting up with your partner, agreeing the terms of your current relationship, or looking after your children’s interests, it’s vital to find a solicitor with the right expertise to support you through the process. Our divorce and family law solicitors can help you plan ahead, formalise arrangements and resolve conflicts, however convoluted and complex. We will help you protect what matters to you and secure the future for yourself and your loved ones.

We can help you at any stage of the divorce process. We have expertise in the many sensitive areas that can make negotiations difficult and complex, such custody of your children, settling conflicts about your money including business interests.

Our clients come from throughout the UK and abroad. We have substantial expertise in international elements to divorces such as offshore assets and business interests held abroad and in particular in jurisdictions such as the Middle East, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Africa. We can advise you on overseas marriage, multi-jurisdiction divorce, relocating children and cross-border disputes.

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Divorce, separation and civil partnership dissolution

If your marriage or civil partnership has broken down, we will advise and support you through this difficult time with patience and sensitivity.

We will protect your interests and get tough when needed. We will also always act in your best interests by being fully transparent about costs and being fair, pragmatic and sensible in our decision making.

When the case involves a business or pension assets careful negotiation is needed to work out who is entitled to what. We have the knowledge and experience to help you navigate both the practical and legal challenges involved.

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Your children are likely to be the most sensitive aspect in your divorce, and may lead to conflict between you, your partner and perhaps other family members. We understand that your children’s welfare is paramount, so we will always put their needs first, and do all we can to reduce the impact of the relationship breakdown on them.

We will always act in their best interests, whether we’re negotiating and formalising chidlacar arrangements, access and maintenance for you, or dealing with more complicated matters such as child abduction proceedings.

International divorces can add an extra layer of difficulty to negotiations; the Onyx team has experience and expertise in this field. We act for families in disputes over custody, visitation rights, maintenance and relocation. We can also help if you are worried about your children being taken abroad without your consent.

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Legal arrangements between couples

Whether you are soon to be married or have tied the knot already, we can advise you on setting up a pre or post nuptial agreement. This is a sensible way to protect your pre-marital assets, including your business interests, and can simplify negotiations if you do sadly decide later to separate or divorce.

If you’re unmarried and living with your partner, we can advise you on setting up a cohabitation. This will set out the financial arrangement between you and agree how your property and other assets will be divided if you split up at some time in the future.[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text admin_label=”Financial settlements” _builder_version=”4.7.7″ _module_preset=”default”]

Financial settlements

Divorce or separation are emotional times, which can make it very hard to agree on the best way to meet the financial needs of everyone affected. With financial settlements, there is no simple ‘rule of thumb’, as no two relationships’ finances are ever the same. This makes it tough to find a solution that suits everyone involved – including how to divide income and assets and setting up child or spousal support arrangements. If either or both partners have property or investment portfolios, overseas assets or business interests, things can become even more complicated.

Our team of family law solicitors has a strong track record in this complex area and will help you reach the best possible financial settlement to secure your future.

We have particular expertise in robustly representing clients to achieve a fair financial settlement. We have a team of accountants, financial advisors and highly rated barristers to get you the best outcome in such difficult circumstances.

We have a vast knowledge of acting for clients with substantial business interests, property portfolios, public sector pension schemes, legal professionals, finance professionals and medical professionals.

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Who we can help

Our family law solicitors can help people from all walks of life, especially those faced with complex or challenging issues. We will protect your hard-earned assets.

The team acts for clients throughout the UK and overseas and has particular experience working with:

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Why clients choose Onyx Solicitors for divorce and family law

Highly rated specialists – we have access to unrivalled advice and strategy from accountants, pension experts, mortgage advisors, tax consultants and leading barristers to represent you robustly in court.

Focussed on collaboration – whenever it is appropriate, will work with you, your partner and others to reach a settlement out of court.

The breadth of expertise and experience – as a firm we have combined expertise across a broad range of family and family business matters including tax, Wills, trusts, wealth management, and company and property structures.

Cross-border knowledge – if you live, were married or have assets overseas, we can help you navigate the divorce process in your, and your children’s, best interests.

Cost competitive – our rates are extremely competitive and our tight control on time and cost ensures the desired outcome is achieved in the most cost-effective way.

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Contact a family lawyer

If you need legal advice on divorce or any other family matter, call now on 0121 268 3208 for a confidential initial consultation.

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Contact Us Now Tel.0121 268 3208

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