Delivering Quality Legal Services since 1996

Delivering Quality Legal Services since 1986

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Employment law

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For Business

Our team of highly experienced employment solicitors are perfectly placed to help you navigate a wide range of employment law issues.

We know that managing a workforce of any size can have its challenges, particularly in an era of increasing regulation where access to employment tribunals for those who are dissatisfied has never been easier.

In addition, battling to recruit and retain the best talent while minimising regulatory costs is no easy feat, no matter the size, sector or type of environment you operate in.

Our multidisciplinary team can help with any issue, large or small; from employment disputes and tribunals, right through to GDPR, senior executive services, trade unions and whistleblowing.

Our team of expert employment solicitors partner with your business to understand your goals, as well as any difficulties you face, and apply their knowledge to your specific set of circumstances
We work with your HR and senior management teams to ensure you have the skills to get the most out of your workforce, the knowledge to maintain compliance and the support to handle employment disputes if they arise. And should matters escalate to an employment tribunal, we’ll be fighting your corner alongside you.

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Employment Contracts

In the wake of shifting regulation, economic unpredictability and the battle for top talent, protecting your business and improving flexibility has never been higher on the agenda for the business community.

This doesn’t just apply to your commercial contracts, but your employment contracts too.

From tailored employment contract templates for your organisation, to bespoke senior member hiring packages, we ensure your agreements don’t just simply comply with the law but truly protect your business’ interests.

Making sure that your employment contracts get the most out of your workforce, while driving your business forward, can be a tough balancing act.

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For You

Senior Executive Exits & Settlement Agreements

Exiting an organisation at any level can be difficult, even more so when you’re a member of the senior management team, or a member of an LLP in a professional services business.

With so many factors to consider around negotiating settlement agreements, constructing a suitable exit strategy and managing reputational issues, you need robust legal support. We can provide bespoke, sensitive and strategic advice to make the process run as smoothly as possible.

From navigating any financial or contractual disputes relating to bonus schemes and incentive plans, to tailoring internal and external messaging around an exit, we work with everyone from managers in SMEs; from senior partners in multinational partnerships through to junior members of LLPs, to guide them through the exit process.

Whether your move is to another organisation, or into retirement, our team of employment law experts are on hand to make sure the right strategy is adopted to help you achieve your goals, managing the balance between head and heart in the process.

Our service

We understand the tensions which may arise on both sides when someone in a leadership role exits from a business. Our team provides bespoke support and counsel when you need it most and we have a proven track record of reaching the best possible outcome for our clients. Whether it’s personal advice you need about your own exit strategy, or insights into wider marketplace implications, we can act as trusted counsel with your best interests at heart.

We are on hand to negotiate your new employment contract; to provide support and counsel when you are facing allegations or complaints about your behaviour or performance; to offer strategic guidance during times of conflict or disagreement at board level; and to represent you in litigation if, despite all efforts, negotiations between the parties break down.

How we work with you

No matter the size of business you may be leaving or joining, we can work with you to ensure your interests are protected and your challenges overcome. During stressful periods we know the value of having advisers on hand all the time to provide support, so we’ll never leave you to make critical strategic decisions about your future alone.

Our team has advised on many types of settlement agreements. We can help you write an agreement, check an existing one and negotiate the terms of an agreement.

Why choose Onyx Solicitors?

How we work with you

Our expert employment solicitors work as an extension of your team to find solutions that focus on the lasting success of your business.

The world of employment law is constantly evolving, and this is reflected in our work with you. We have our finger on the pulse of current and upcoming employment legislation to ensure that your business practices remain relevant, compliant and appropriate.

We understand the value that your people bring to your business, and know the importance of handling any employment or HR-related issues with the utmost care and confidence. We will always respond promptly to your queries, offer you protection in the face of adversity and equip you with the skills and knowledge to tackle the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

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