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Collaborative Law – What it means for you

Separating couples have the option of choosing collaborative practice over solicitor negotiation or the Family Court process. Collaborative practice involves both parties and their respective solicitors coming together in a series of face-to-face meetings to work out...

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Partnerships in United Kingdom

Types and formation of partnerships English law recognises three different types of partnership: General partnerships are governed by the Partnership Act 1890 (PA 1890). A general partnership is a type of business arrangement that consists of two or more people,...

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Breach of Contract and what you can do

Almost all of us will have been affected by material shortages, but what about parties who have been unable to perform their contractual obligations because of these shortages? A contract between two (or more) parties will impose certain rights and obligations on the...

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Want a divorce but don’t know where to start?

Want a divorce but don’t know where to start? Here are some of the factors you should consider before applying for a divorce. When Can I Get a Divorce In England & Wales? You can get a divorce in England & Wales if all the following are true: You’ve been...

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Security of Tenure

What is Security of Tenure? Security of Tenure is a statutory right granted to tenants of commercial leases, providing the tenant with an automatic right to renew their lease when this contractual term comes to an end. The right is granted by Part II of the Landlord...

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How to respond to a Statutory Demand

A statutory demand is a formal demand for payment of an undisputed debt issued in accordance with the Insolvency Act 1986 (IA86). These formal demands may be served on: an individual debtor under section 268 of IA86, as a prerequisite to the presentation by a creditor...

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Setting up a limited company?

  Looking to set up a limited company but don't know where to start? We explain some of the benefits and costs you should consider before setting up a limited company. What is a limited company? A limited company is a type of legal structure for your business. A...

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Statutory Demand – Pros and Cons

What is a statutory demand? A statutory demand is a written demand for payment of a debt served on either: An individual A company In general terms, a debtor who, for 21 days, fails to comply with a statutory demand for a debt of more than £750 (for companies), or a...

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