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What is a Demise in leases?

For a lease to be legally effective it must set out precisely the area given to the tenant, known as the demise.  The property is often referred to as the demised premises as a result.  If the demise is unclear then the lease may be invalid or may be considered a...

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Forfeiture Of Commercial Leases

The moratorium introduced under the Coronavirus Act 2020 imposed on forfeiting leases for non-payment of rent has finally been lifted. This means, that as long as the rent due is not now classified as “protected rent” by the Act, a landlord can now enforce its right...

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Your repairs clause and what it means for you

It is a common misconception that, when taking a lease of commercial property, a tenant only has to return that property at the end of the lease in the same condition in which they took it but this is not the case. Understanding the repair clause in your lease is...

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Recent law on Rent Review provisions in Leases

The recent case of Monsolar IQ Limited v Woden Park Ltd demonstrates the importance of careful drafting in leases. In this case, the High Court had found that an indexation clause in a rent review provision should be corrected by interpretation – the Landlord then...

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Six questions to ask yourself when limiting liability

This article covers six key things to consider when negotiating the limitation provisions in your contract. In practice what are the risks to the parties? A crucial first step is thinking about the losses that each party could feasibly be faced with if things go...

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Going into business with family

When going into business with family members, it can be tempting to work from informal or verbal agreements. After all, you're family - what could go wrong? Don't fall into this trap. Arguably, this is even more important where family is involved as the relationship...

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E-Signatures & Contract Law

Working from home and hybrid working are now commonplace – even more so due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Consequently, there has been significant rise in the use of electronic contracts and e-signatures. In a commercial world where physical contact and use of physical...

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