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10 Basics of Lease Agreements

10 Basics of Lease Agreements A lease is an agreement by which someone exchanges property for a period of time in return or payment or services. In this article I will be providing information regarding the basics of leases that every individual or business should...

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The Commercial Lease Process

The steps involved in entering a lease can be intricate and confusing. Here is a step-by-step commercial lease process chart that will help guide you through the key stages of the process. Negotiation & Agreement on Heads of Terms Where a property is marketed by...

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Domestic Abuse & Injunctions: Occupation Orders

What is an occupation order? An occupation order is an order made by the courts to enforce, declare, or restrict rights to occupy the family home. They can be used for many instances regarding either; defined areas of the property, the permission to enter the property...

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What to do when a commercial tenant wants to make alterations?

During the lease term, a commercial tenant may want to make changes to the property to ensure that it continues to meet their business needs. Landlords, however, will be keen to ensure their asset is not affected negatively by such works. The tenant's duty to obtain...

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Commercial Leases – Dangers of not taking legal advice

There are lots of costs involved for a tenant when considering taking a commercial property lease such as a premium, a rent deposit, a contribution towards the Landlord’s legal costs. But what are the dangers of not taking legal advice as a prospective Tenant? It is...

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What to consider when assigning a lease?

Assigning your lease is a way to dispose of your legal interest in the lease by transferring it to a third party. The incoming tenant will take on the outgoing tenants’ obligations under the lease. If you would like to assign your lease, you will need to consider the...

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Things to consider when exercising the break clause in your lease

Exercising a break clause will allow you to end a lease before the expiry of the contractual term. However, to exercise this effectively, a break notice must be served in compliance with the lease terms, and any conditions to the break must be complied with. These are...

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