Delivering Quality Legal Services since 1996

Delivering Quality Legal Services since 1986

Why Clients Choose Onyx Solicitors

Since 1996, lawyers at Onyx Solicitors have earned a reputation for providing quality legal services to business clients in the Birmingham area and throughout England and Wales.

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The following are some of the reasons clients place their trust in our services:


For more than 20 years, our highly experienced business lawyers have delivered focused, practical legal advice relevant to you and your business.

Easy access

We are available when you are, anywhere, any time and any place. We use communications and technology to keep in touch and to get the work done quickly and with minimal fuss and delay

A highly competitive cost structure

We can usually offer fixed fees for our work and agree on clear targets and milestones to help you manage your legal costs to suit your business. We offer to beat any competitive quote.

Free consultation

We offer an initial 30-minute, no-obligation consultation on all matters.

We will come to you

If you need to see one of our lawyers they’ll visit you, either at your home or workplace, in fact anywhere that’s convenient to you.

Part of your team

Our solicitors act as an integral part of your business and serve you accordingly.

Focused on your success

We will resolve your current legal issue and recommend proactive measures to help position you for future success.

Approachability and friendliness

There is nothing intimidating about dealing with our solicitors. We are skilled at translating complex legal issues into plain language and clear choices, so that you can make informed decisions with confidence.

What Our Clients Say

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