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Intellectual Property Rights Law

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Intellectual property law is a complex area and depending on the products and services that your business provides, there are a series of intellectual property rights that you may either automatically hold on creation or following active steps to obtain intellectual property protection. In the United Kingdom, the most common forms of intellectual property right are as follows:

  • Trade marks – these can be protected on a registered or an unregistered basis;
  • Copyright;
  • Design Rights;
  • Patents; and
  • Confidential Information and trade secrets.

Whether you are a small business that has recently started trading or have been established in your industry for several years, it is always worth considering how you can protect – and later exploit – the intellectual property rights that your business owns. It is estimated that up to 80% of the value in a business can be found in its intellectual property, and having appropriate registrations and licensing arrangements prevents the likelihood of third parties copying your products and services, but also increases the chances of third party investments in your business or franchising opportunities in the future.

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