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Ways to get out of a Commercial Lease

If you, as the tenant, need to get out of a commercial lease, what are the options available to you? Expiration of the term Provided that the Landlord and Tenant Act (the Act) has been contracted out of when the lease was created, your lease will come to an end when...

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Relief from Forfeiture on Commercial Leases

A forfeiture clause provides a landlord with the right to re-enter the property if rent has not been paid a certain number of days after it is due. For commercial leases, the introduction of S.82(1) of the Coronavirus Act 2020 (‘CVA 2020’) meant landlords could not...

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The Importance of a Shareholders’ Agreement

Firstly, what is a shareholders’ agreement? Much like the Articles of Association, a company’s shareholders’ agreement will set out and describe the way in which the company will be operated. However, unlike Articles of Association, it is a private, confidential...

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Are Heads of Terms Legally Binding?

The heads of terms are a prevalent part of commercial property leasing. This document is the result of negotiations between parties and the culmination of the key points and terms that will go into a lease. But despite the amount of negotiating that goes into the...

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Sub-letting and Consent of the Landlord

What is subletting and how does it differ from an assignment? In last week’s blog, we discussed some of the elements involved in an assignment of a lease. This week we will look at sub-letting a property, briefly looking over the differences between the two but mainly...

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Assignment of Lease and AGA’s

The Assignment of a lease is essentially the selling of a lease to a third party. Commercial leases will often include a provision which allows for the assignment of the lease. This provision much also states that the landlord’s consent is required as if the lease is...

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Key features of a Lease, a Tenancy at Will and a License

A lease, a license, and a tenancy at will are all different forms of occupation that can be made by a tenant in a commercial property. When deciding which of these will be best suited to you, it is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each and...

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Heads of Terms for leases

Heads of Terms are the absolute "bread and butter" to the property industry. Done correctly, and everyone is a winner. Preparation of Heads of Terms are, properly, the domain of the surveyors and an accurate and fully negotiated set of Heads covering all of the key...

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10 Basics of Lease Agreements

10 Basics of Lease Agreements A lease is an agreement by which someone exchanges property for a period of time in return or payment or services. In this article I will be providing information regarding the basics of leases that every individual or business should...

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